Keres specializes in commercial tobacco control programs impacting Native American communities. Since 2009, Keres has managed Native American community commercial tobacco cessation and prevention grants through the New Mexico Indian Affairs Department. In 2012, Keres assisted the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Center for Tobacco Products with the development of tribal community outreach protocols for the Tobacco Control Act. In 2015, Keres implemented a state-wide initiative providing outreach and education for secondhand smoke protection policies in Native American communities.​


Resources Available to Communities

Keres provides secondhand smoke protections outreach and awareness activities, including presentations and technical assistance in policy change. Please visit for tobacco control toolkits.


If you would like a secondhand smoke presentation in your community, please contact us.




Keres was hired to New Mexico Department of Health to conduct a statewide health assessment of urban Indians in Albuquerque, Farmington, and Gallup (2017). The report identified social determinants of health and key health disparities facing urban American Indians and Alaska Natives in New Mexico. The report also identified health utilization trends to identify services used by the AI/AN population. Additionally, Keres reviewed Medicaid enrollment rates among AI/ANs as a result of Medicaid Expansion and New Mexico Centennial Care (1115 Waiver). 


Keres held multiple focus groups in the identified communities to facilitate discussion on the current barriers urban Indians face when receiving health care, and how the State can improve. This feedback was incorporated into the report to be used by the New Mexico Department of Health Office of Tribal Liaison for its future assistance to all Native Americans across the state.


Additionally, Keres has experience in meeting coordination bringing public health workers from tribal communities across the state together, for educational and collaborative health gatherings.

Keres was awarded a contract with the international nonprofit organization, the Aspen Institute, to address food deserts in tribal communities by empowering community farmers and ranchers to be successful in their business practices and provide healthy food for their communities. Working alongside the New Mexico Department of Health, Keres:


  • Conducted an environmental scan of existing resources for tribal farmers and ranchers

  • Created and distributed an online survey to assess needs of NM Native farmers and ranchers

  • Host focus groups in various areas of the state to gain feedback and lead discussion on needs of NM Native farmers and ranchers

  • Develop a toolkit and accompanying website of business resources, opportunities, and guidance for achieving agricultural success, specific to NM Native farmers and ranchers


In a culmination of these efforts, Keres hosted an in-person gathering to share the toolkit and resources with the community allowing for networking opportunities and panel discussion.

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